Nano Plastic LED tubes

One new patented material known as Nano-Plastic is revolutionizing the world of LED tube lights because of its superior performance, luminosity, and durability. 

Since 2016, Nano-Plastic LED tubing is very popular with leading lighting brands and manufacturers. The best-selling feature of Nano-plastic is that this technically-advanced material is the same price as a glass LED tube, which is currently the cheapest material on the market, but Nano-plastic still has better features than PC covered LED tubes. The Nano-plastic led tube light is, in fact, as much as 20 percent less expensive than polycarbonate-covered LED tubes. That means safer, higher-quality lighting at an irresistibly attractive price. 

As we know LED Chips emit a very strong but harsh light; this challenge is often addressed using frosted lenses to soften the light. Unfortunately, the frosted effect reduces lumens by obscuring them and some manufacturers use clear lenses to avoid this effect. However, clear lenses create an unwanted glare that can be hard on the eyes. Each of those options has weaknesses. But innovative Nano-plastic provides the ultimate solution, because Nano-guided particles transmit light without sacrificing lumen strength and they disperse light more evenly reducing unwanted glare. Luminous efficiency can reach high levels of 92 percent; it provides 5 to 12 percent more lumens than a normal PC lens. 

Another value-adding feature is that Nano-plastic tubes are lightweight and provide substantially better heat dissipation compared to conventional polycarbonate tubes. That's because Nano-plastic LED tubes are approximately twice as thin (0.4-0.5mm) as other types of tubes (0.8-1.0mm), but they have super thermal conductivity. At the same time, their internal convection holes release significant amounts of heat for a cooler-functioning, longer-lasting product. Hot and cold impact tests performed in a temperature/humidity chamber reveal that Nano-plastic outperforms other LED tube lights and has superior optical characteristics, while also being VO fireproof. 

Nano-plastic LED tube lights remain unchanged for long periods of time, while undergoing strict tests for straightness, length variance, non-discoloration, oxidation, and light transmittance under extreme temperatures. During these laboratory tests, Nano-plastic exceeded the modulus/stiffness performance of other thermoplastics now on the market, and due to the presence of low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) resins, Nano-plastic LED tube lights have greater stiffness without losing ductility. They also have excellent minimal post-mold shrinkage for enhanced dimensional stability. Nano-plastic has a CTE lower than that of copper, so it always keeps its shape, outperforming 70 percent of the polycarbonate-based products on the market. Additionally, Nano-plastic offers twice as much bending endurance than average polycarbonate lenses and in drop tests from a height of two meters, Nano-plastic remained 

completely intact. Those characteristics make it a more durable and much safer option than glass LED tube materials. 

With those kinds of superior features, Nano-plastics are a game-changing material for LED lighting. The new material is of great value to the LED lighting market worldwide.


2016 new material 360 beam angle T8 Nano-Plastic led tube

What's Nano-Plastic LED tube? 

Nano LED Tube, full name "nano meter grade high strength plastic tube". Nano led tube cover use nano polymer binding material, light more evenly, no dazzling; high strength, super toughness, no bending by the high temperature, completely changed the current ordinary plastic tube disadvantage of heating deformation. In addition, this product’s light transmittance is more than 95%, (ordinary light emitting rate 80%-85%), light soft, more environmentally friendly, eye protection. As we all know, the current general plastic tube heat dissipation is a big problem. This new product through technical innovation, to completely solve the problem of the plastic tube cooling problem. The special material is added to the nano plastic led tube, which makes the heat conduction performance of the tube further improved; besides, the tube is also designed with a convection hole, which can discharge the residual heat in the tube. The surface cover of the tube adopts the frosted surface treatment, which is more wear-resistant, not easy to scratch, reduce the electrostatic adsorption of dust, the light is more even and soft.




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