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What Are LED T5, T8, & T12 Fluorescent Retrofits?

By iLightech Canada

The purpose of an LED retrofit is to offer an energy efficient solution for commercial lighting fixtures including high bay, strip/shop lights, and troffers. With the capability to match or even exceed the lumens produced by fluorescent tubes, LED tubes option are your best type of lighting, consume less energy while providing superior light levels. LED retrofits for T5, T8, and T12 fluorescent tubes are offered in three different versions.

• Direct Wire Type "B" tube:
o Requires complete removal/bypass of ballast
o Simplest installation of the three with the Knock-Out LED Conversion KITS and the most energy efficient.
o Your most economic and saving option.

• Plug-N-Play Type "A" tube:
o Quick plug-in installation with appropriate ballast
o Compatible with most electronic ballast types, if not then dangerous could case fire.
o Use more power as need to run the ballast.

• Hybrid Type "A" tube:
o Can operate with or without a ballast
o Can operate on Line Voltage
Type "C" tube: Requires complete/bypass of ballast
o Install with exterior driver with the Knock-Out LED Conversion KITS and dimming option

Between the three, there are a few pros and cons to consider. Direct Wire is certainly the most energy efficient because it doesn't require a power source controller, like a ballast, to operate. The Simplest installation of the three with the Knock-Out LED Conversion KITS. Plug-N-Play is the simplest way to reduce energy costs from fluorescent tubes, but only if you know the ballast in your fixture is compatible. Even though it’s as simple as plugging in a new light bulb, keep in mind if the ballast fails, then the LED alternative would most likely not continue to operate until the ballast is replaced. In order to combat the cons of the two LED tube types previously mentioned, a Hybrid version has the capability to operate with most ballasts or even without a ballast. If you were to install a Hybrid tube into the fixture via Plug-N-Play if the ballast would fail, the bulb would seize to operate unless the ballast is either replaced or removed and converted to a Direct Wire installation. Even though this sounds like a no-brainer, this version is still not as efficient as the direct wire style.
Since LED retrofits consume fewer watts to operate, the LED tubes are referred to fluorescent replacements. For example, a 15-watt T8 LED tube substitutes a 32-watt T8 fluorescent tube and is referred to a F32T8 replacement.

The Knock-Out LED Conversion KITS technology are the option of adding or removing the amount of LED tubes required in locations desired, making it an ergonomic products as to the required amount of light needed. This new technology is you can slid the tombstone (lamp holder) to re-center your tube making your fixture always balance. With the Knock-Out LED Conversion KITS you GiveNewLife to your fixture that become the most economic option and the best return on ROI available. You will get to reap the long-lasting benefits of Innovative Lighting’s LED products without having to replace your old fixture!




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