Introduction of Knock-Out LED Conversion Kits For your Troffers and Strip Lights

By iLightech Canada

Having worked over 40 years with manufacturing and problem-solving along with architects and engineers, as well as studying and installing LED lights for the past 12 years, iLightech Canada came to the conclusion that new LED retrofit kits needed to be developed - to bring more affordable and intelligent kits that can be utilized with most of the existing fixtures already installed in the market in the past 50 years, giving them a new life and helping to preserve our planet. Disrupting the market with new technology, will and skill are at the core of the brand-new Knock-Out LED Conversion Kit. After 4 years of developing the Knock-Out LED Conversion Kit - cUL certified and patented - this technology is now ready to be introduced in North America. SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) support over 65% of our economy, and it's paramount that they are able to benefit from the savings that this new technology brings into the world in the same way the large industries do. The benefits of the Knock-Out LED Conversion Kits are: 1. Incorporation of the newest 270-degree light spread technology of Nano Plastic tubes into the Knock-Out Kit - a game-changer. Wow!!! 2. Why destroy your existing ceiling troffers and strip lights when you can GiveNewLife? 3. Since the 100- to 150-watt light bulbs were introduced and then changed to T12 and T8 fluorescent at 40 watts, tubes are still the most economic way to convert and save on energy, in addition to providing better lighting without destroying your ceiling and fixtures; 4. There are 3 types of tubes being used to convert to LEDs: • Plug-N-Play Type "A" tube • Direct Wire Type "B" tube • Hybrid Type "C" tube Out of the three, the direct wire is the most economic but has been criticized because of the installation efforts required. With the Knock-Out Kit, this issue has been eliminated. Furthermore, the kits add more features to make lighting more ergonomic, also enabling IoT (Internet of Things) into your existing fixture to operate even more economically; 5. Simple installation that can be quickly performed by our current workforce with little instruction required, thus minimizing installation cost; 6. As technology advances, there is no need to re-retrofit - just change the tubes and recenter; 7. With a sliding system, tubes can be added or removed as needed as per light requirements in the area; 8. Ideal for type "B" or "C" with one-end power (safest option); 9. Get the most energy savings and eliminate trouble in the future; 10.Custom sizes available; 11.5-year warranty; 12.Support in 5 languages to start.

Kit #1

Kit #2

Easy to Install!

After removing all existing components in the fixture, the WAGO luminaire disconnect is inserted to the incoming power, then the power PVC bar is connected with two self-tapping screws. On the other side the sliding PVC bar is connected, and the WAGO disconnect is connected by push-in. Finally the protective wire cover can be installed, followed by the tubes. Voila! You have converted your luminaire. It's that easy! (See the Kits in the above pictures).

About iLightech Canada:

In 2003 Real Energy Savers Co. Ltd. was established as the distributor for an energy-saver electronic circuit called INTELLI-WATT, which was installed inside fluorescent fixtures, saving 30% to 40% of energy for T12 tubes with the magnetic ballast. In 2010 iLightech Canada was founded as a division of Real Energy Saver Co. Ltd., to better represent the LED lighting business as a retrofit company. In 2012, seeing what was being introduced in the market of retrofit for troffers and strip lights, we decided to develop a better system to convert all the troffers and strip lights that have been installed for the past 50 years with a simpler, more intelligent, more affordable and much easier way to install (convert) the billions of existing fixtures in the market without destroying them during the retrofit process. Now, as a manufacturer with a cUL certification and patent in place, it is time to introduce the Knock-Out LED conversion Kits - the newest technology on the market. 

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